Your unique ID on the Internet.

Caller ID

Perfect Features

For privacy and ease of use.


Use your unique MicroID to share all other Social IDs.


You have complete control over your data privacy. Decide who could see what with easy to use settings.

Quick Sharing

Quickly share your contact details with others using MicroCode, NFC or URL.


Everything is in the Cloud

Keep all you contacts and data in the cloud. Simple, Secure and always accessible from anywhere.


Scan or Tap to share

Simply share your contact with others with MicroCode, NFC or URL.


Unknown Caller Idenitfication

Indentify unknown callers based on the public data they have provided. Yes ! We don't steal contacts from you.

What our developers are saying


MicroID is the result of 3 years of Hardwork and Research. It is a dream come true for us.

Adithya Vinayak, Co-Founder and CEO

We designed MicroID to be unique and smart. It would be a game changer in the segment.

Kishor V, Co-Founder and CTO

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